Jasper Eberlein-Van Hoof

Patent Attorney

  • Member of the Chamber of German Patent Attorneys
  • Member of the Institute of European Patent Attorneys (EPI), of GRUR, VPP and FICPI 


  • German
  • English
  • Dutch

Born in 1961, Jasper Eberlein-Van Hoof is an expert in optics, vacuum technology, environment technologies, medical applications and automotive technologies, among other things.

Besides patent rights, Mr. Eberlein-Van Hoof also specialises in trademarks and design protection. He has comprehensive experience in national and international patent enforcement and nullity proceedings.

Mr. Eberlein-Van Hoof completed his engineering studies, specialising in medical applications, in 1987, and graduated as an industrial engineer in 1990.

Subsequently, he became the managing director and technical director of a company developing medical applications in Berlin. In 1993, Jasper Eberlein-Van Hoof started his patent career at the prominent patent attorney office "von Kreisler Selting Werner" in Cologne and became a European patent attorney in 1999 and a German patent attorney in 2002. 

Jasper Eberlein-Van Hoof is a member of the Chamber of German Patent Attorneys, the Institute of the European Patent Attorneys (EPI), GRUR, VPP and FICPI .