Jasper Eberlein - Van Hoof

born in 1961, is, among others, expert in optics, vacuum technology, environment technologies, medical applications and automotive technologies.

Beside of the patent right, Mr. Eberlein - Van Hoof is specialized in trademarks and design protection, as well. He has comprehensive experience with national and international patent enforcement and nullidity cases.

Mr. Eberlein - Van Hoof finished his engineering studies with focus on medical applications in the year of 1987, and finished his economic studies in 1990.

Subsequently, he became the managing director and technical director of a company developing medical applications in Berlin. In 1993, Jasper Eberlein - Van Hoof started his patent career at the prominent patent attorney office "von Kreisler Selting Werner" in Cologne (Köln), and became a European Patent Attorney in 1999 and a German Patent Attorney in 2002.

Jasper Eberlein - Van Hoof is member of the Chamber of German Patent Attorneys, of the Institute of the European Patent Attorneys (EPI), of GRUR, VPP and FICPI . 

Languages: German, Dutch and English.