Classic Services

We offer all classic patent attorney services, i.e. all services involving the preparation, filing, defending and maintaining of all register rights, as national and international patents, utility models, trademarks and design registrations. In addition, we provide opposition and nullity actions against registered IP rights of third parties.

We provide state of the art searches as well as "freedom to operate" searches in the world patent literature and as well in the professional literature.

National and international patent infringement procedures

We represent and accompany our clients in national and international patent infringement procedures and can rely on an established network of national and international patent attorneys and lawyers.

In the run-up to a court case, we can provide a comprehensive expert opinion about the question of patent infringement and/or patent validity.

We can also continuously monitor the IP-rights of clients’ competitors, whereby the identified documents are studied and evaluated by us, and then are sent directly to the responsible persons only.